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Welcome to ACTS CHURCH


Welcome! We are a Bible-believing and Christ-centered community of Christians bringing the Good News to the community of Maricopa, south of the Pheonix metropolitan area. For a more detailed biblical explanation of our core convictions, please see our Church Plant Vision page. Contact us for more information.

Here is what to expect when you join us on Sunday:

  • A non-denominational church plant by a bi-vocational Ordained Pastor.

  • Christ-exalting church life through the Gospel and all of Scripture (1 Cor. 2:2; Luke 24:44).

  • Church life patterned after New Testament churches (Acts 2:42; 1 & 2 Tim; 1 Cor. 10-14).

  • Biblical doctrine including the sufficiency and inerrancy of Holy Scripture, reformed soteriology, young-earth creationism, cessationism, complementarianism, and premillennialism.

  • Part of the Family-Integrated Churches (FIC) network: all children are in the church service to be in the presence of Christ (Mat. 19:14; Acts 21:5), to learn the way they should go and contribute to the service (Eph. 6:1-3; Col. 3:16).

  • Sunday meetings follow the regulative principle of worship (Mat. 15:8-9; 1 Cor. 4:6), which is the sufficiency of Scripture applied to church life (2 Tim.1:13).

  • Expository and systematic theology preaching on the whole Counsel of God with practical applications for solid Christian growth and equipping for ministry (Acts 20:26-27; 1 Cor. 14:3; 1 Tim. 4:13; 2 Tim. 4:2; Eph. 4:11-12).

  • Free all-member participation on Sunday including spontaneous prayer requests, prayers, testimonies, proposed songs, psalms, exhortations, and teachings (1 Cor. 14:26ff; Mat. 21:13).

  • Weekly Lord's Supper as a fellowship meal (Mark 14:22; Acts 2:42, 1 Cor. 10:14-31, 11:20,33).

  • Bi-monthly city evangelism, ongoing discipleship, and world mission (Mat. 28:19-20; Acts 20:20).

  • Elder-led church government (Acts 14:23; Titus 1:5).

  • A house church to maximize the intimacy of church members and the generosity to the poor and the Gospel-centered mission (2 Cor. 9:7-13).

  • Church Discipline to protect the members, provide accountability (Mat. 18:15–20; 1 Cor. 5:7-12; 2 Cor. 2:5–8), and preserve the purity of the Church for Christ and its testimony to the world.

  • An emphasis on family worship: every father is to lead his family before God in daily devotion (Deut. 6:4-9; Eph. 6:4; Ps. 118:15). It is the role of parents to disciple their children to know God and to be godly (Ps. 78:1-7; Mal. 2:15).

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