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The church plant of ACTS CHURCH of MARICOPA will be an elder-led local church government by biblically qualified co-equal pastor-elders (Acts 14:23, 20:17,26-28; 1 Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-16). Currently, the church plant will involve only one Elder-Pastor, Pastor Jonas Croissant, and the ideal plurality of elders will be pursued through elder training and ordination as God appoints and provides for His Church.

Pastor Jonas Croissant

Jonas Croissant is a disciple of Jesus Christ, husband of Donerse Croissant, father of Caleb (8), Éloïse (6), Rachelle (5), Alissa (3), and Émeline (1), and a bi-vocational pastor of ACTS CHURCH of MARICOPA. He is a former researcher and professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of New Mexico and now works as a technical program manager in the semiconductor industry. Pastor Croissant has been teaching and preaching the Bible for over ten years in France (his home country), Saudi Arabia, and the United States. He graduated from Reformation Seminary and was ordained for pastoral ministry by the mercy of God by the Reformation Fellowship church in Cottonwood (AZ). By the grace and providence of God, he is the founder of the Bible media ministry for the French-speaking world. Pastor Croissant longs to see the church life of the book of Acts practiced in full at ACTS CHURCH of MARICOPA to glorify Christ, edify the church members, and reach the lost in the city of Maricopa.


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