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Acts Church of Maricopa has a new App!

We have good news to connect our church members during the week: a new smartphone app! Below you will learn about the (1) App features and how to navigate them, (2) how to get the app. It is all very simple, so let's get into it.


This app allows the church to have the following features and how they can be used to help us love each other, fellowship, pray, and reach the lost:

  • App landing page: welcomes new members and provides key web links to the church website and service location:

  • All-Church Chat: share your prayer requests, personal updates, and simply connect with your friends in Christ using the app. The chat is found in the Groups tab at the bottom and then click on the Church Chat group also affectionately known as the "Sheep Talk" ^^.

  • Online Giving: several persons have asked to have an online giving option and now it is at your fingertips using the app. Simply enter your offering amount, tap Next, enter the frequency, and link your bank account (the app will prompt you to select your bank, it takes a few minutes). Finally, tap the Give button to submit the offering. The offerings go to the Acts Church of Maricopa General Funds.

  • Groups: the Groups tab allows us to join church groups such as the Evangelism Days (Bimonthly events to reach the lost by groups of two) and the Prayer Nights hosted by the Kellogg's family (more on that in the near future!). You can join the group, chat with the group members, and see group events and location information. Also, you can propose to the church a new group and have it added to the app if approved.

  • Calendar: highlights all calendar events. Note that it does not include church services which take place every Sunday at the Croissant's home.

  • Directory: lists all church members and allows you to add your family, photo, and phone number to be able to be contacted by your church family. Parents can also add their children to the directory.

2. HOW to have the app on your phone

Step 1: Download the app called "Church Center App" in your App Store:

Step 2: When you open the App, you will be able to enter your city name or you could enter "Acts Church of Maricopa" in the search bar and the App will show the church's logo shown below:

Step 3: Select Acts Church of Maricopa and enter your phone number or email address to receive a code to finalize your setup. And you're all good to go and you can reference the above screenshots to navigate the app.

Feel free to reach out to Pastor Jonas or anyone in the church if you want insights or need help to use app!

This app is paid by the Church to provide you with the aforementioned benefits that can help us better fulfill the great commissions and the mandate of Jesus to love one another and our Heavenly Father. I am thankful for this technology!

Sola Doe Gloria,

Jonas Croissant


Acts Church of Maricopa

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